God of War 3 Megathread

Jan 29, 2009
God of War III is a forthcoming installment in the God of War video game franchise. It was formally announced at E3 2008, and is expected to be released in 2010 according to the gamestop website exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It is the fifth chapter in the series chronologically, after God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War, God of War: Betrayal and God of War II. The tagline for the game is "In the end, there will be only chaos".

Although little is known about the game at this point, it was confirmed to be in development by Cory Barlog at a God of War II launch event. He revealed that the game would run at full 1080p HD resolution, and the game would support Sixaxis tilt and vibration functions. This was stated before the DualShock 3 controller was announced; therefore causing confusion as the Sixaxis controller did not support rumble. Barlog also expressed an interest in adding a cooperative mode "if we can do something unique with it".

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God of War director David Jaffe has said that, "God of War explains, or ultimately will explain, why there are no more Greek myths." He has also stated that it will be "hell on earth" as the gods and the titans battle each other for domination. Though Jaffe and Barlog left Sony for other opportunities, they are still credited for the series and will possibly be involved in this installment. Eat Sleep Play, co-founded by Jaffe, has expressed interest to be involved in development for God of War III.


We’ve been working pretty hard on this for the past few months but I’m delighted to announce that the “Ultimate Trilogy Edition” will be available in limited quantities in most European countries, Australia and New Zealand at the same time as the standalone God of War III game. Pricing and exact release details to be confirmed in the next few weeks so stay tuned :)

This very special edition will come in a high-end, sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box and we are planning to include the following items inside:

* God of War III
* God of War Collection (gentle reminder, this is God of War and God of War II, remastered in HD, running at 60 fps, with Trophy support, all on one Blu-ray Disc)
* Extra game content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
o God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
o Dominus character skin
o Apollo character skin
o Phantom of Chaos character skin
o Forgotten Warrior character skin

* Exclusive video content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
o God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary. This is a full-length documentary detailing the history of the God of War franchise. A must have for fans!

* Special audio bonus content:
o God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game
o God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War

* Additional content:
o Artbook
o Postcards
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I saw the original trailer from Spike and I just saw the new one and it's pretty sick! I am waiting on word from the ESA I am assuming there will be a demo at E3 with some luck I'll be there and then come and brag lol
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I saw the original trailer from Spike and I just saw the new one and it's pretty sick! I am waiting on word from the ESA I am assuming there will be a demo at E3 with some luck I'll be there and then come and brag lol

they're announcing the release date at e3 too. That' why i'm thinking xmas '09. why announce a date if it's going to be '10. that just seems to far out to announce dates.
Jan 29, 2009
Since the release of the God of War®III full trailer in February, we’ve been overwhelmed with the list of questions and topics that the G.A.P. community has been constantly pondering: Will there be a collector’s edition? Will there be a soundtrack? What kind of costumes will be available? Questions and comments like these and many others have inspired us to create a series of exclusive God of War discussions only available to our G.A.P. members.

So, starting in the month of March, we will create a topic of discussion for the die-hard God of War fan to answer. Topics will range anywhere from gameplay specifics and content releases to the color of Kratos’ tattoo (ok, not really…but you get the idea). We’d like the G.A.P. community to have a huge influence in the development process of God of War III.

Leading off this month’s topic is one that we’ve been tracking on the G.A.P. and God of War III forums for weeks: What would make the ultimate GOW III Collector's Edition? We've heard that everything from T-shirts and figurines to behind-the-scenes videos will make the ultimate collector’s edition, but is that really all? Here's your chance to give us your “Kratos” insights on what will make the ultimate God of War III Collector's Edition. Don't hold back. This is your opportunity to create your own ultimate collector's wish list. Rules, you ask? There are none. Just be sure to abide by our Community Site Guidelines and fire away!

Here are a few questions to spark your ideas:

What would make the ultimate GOW III Collector's Edition?
• What types of content would you include? (i.e. figurines, art book, etc.)
• What kind of packaging? (e.g., steel tin box, exclusive artwork, etc.)
• What kind of videos would you like the CE to include?
• Any additional ideas you die-hard God of War minds can think of?

Lastly, don’t be shy. Give us descriptions, photos or even videos if you have to. If you want the ultimate GOW III Collector’s Edition, give us your ultimate opinions. So have fun. There's nothing to lose. We're really just interested in finding out what God of War fans want in a Collector's Edition. Post your response by clicking on the button below. Thanks!

Jan 29, 2009
The team behind God of War III, Sony Santa Monica, explain that the PlayStation 3's SPU processors are much faster than many developers think they are.

In their GDC '09 keynote, titled Practical SPU Programming in God of War III, Jim Tilander and Vassily Filippov of Sony Santa Monica detailed their use of the PlayStation 3's SPUs.

The Cell processor features one main processor, PPU, and 8 specialist processors, SPUs, one of which is turned off for optimisation reasons, with another used for the PlayStation 3's OS.

In their keynote, Sony Santa Monica explained that the SPUs aren't actually coprocessors but are full general purpose processors that can handle code directly lifted from the PPU. Moreover, they aren't just fast, but they are super fast and with a little bit of help they can run code at unbelievable speeds.

In fact, the God of War III team rely on the SPUs to accelerate both the PlayStation 3's GPU (RSX) and the PPU. They then detailed the systems running on the SPUs, which include animation, cloth, collision, procedural textures, culling, shadows, push buffer generation, meta tasks, geometry conditioning, and sound. Indeed, most (if not all) of the heavy lifting is left to the SPUs.

The team concluded their talk by reiterating that developers must use the parallel nature of the PlayStation 3 and not treat SPUs as a special case, since they are much faster than you think they are.

Jan 29, 2009
God of War III is arguably the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive project of the generation thus far, but every time we bring it up the inevitable response is a one-word question: "when?!"

At this point, most believe we won't see SCEA Santa Monica's masterpiece until March of next year, which remains quite feasible. But what if it managed to drop a few months earlier...? Well, thanks to a PSXE reader - Javon27 - we have the possible indication that GoWIII will launch in January rather than March. Apparently, as a Blockbuster employee, he just received word that one of their entertainment vendors of DVDs and games lists a street date of 01/13/2010 for GoWIII, and that should stir up some discussion and controversy. We know we're going to be seeing a lot of this game at E3 next week and most are expecting Sony to announce a solidified release date at the same time; it still seems very unlikely that it'll make it this year, but the earlier the better. We'll look around to see if other retailers might be able to confirm or deny that same street launch but until then, we'll just have to cross our fingers. Typically, January isn't exactly loaded with high-profile "AAA" releases - for obvious reasons - so having a game like GoWIII available then would be a tremendous boost.

Ideally, we have less than a week before a release date becomes official but it's just a "wait-and-see" scenario for now.

Source: PSXextreme

(I'll look into this at work...)
Jan 29, 2009
I think we're probably past the point of hype concerning God of War III; there likely isn't a single solitary unbiased gamer out there who doesn't believe this game will be fantastic. But now that we've solidified that, how's about checking on some new gameplay details?

They come from the latest edition of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and there are plenty. What do you expect when the game in question is on the cover? What may be most intriguing about this new information is the addition of the enemy grappling: according to lead combat designer Adam Puhl, Kratos will be able to stick his blades into a foe - be they on the ground or in the air - pull them to him, and unleash a new flurry of attacks. Essentially, it's a springboard to bigger and better combos; we're reminded of Nero's ability in Devil May Cry 4. And speaking of blades, there will be a total of four primary weapons in the game (including the default and very familiar set of blades), and we also learn that magic "will have more gameplay [than magics in previous titles]." ...no idea what that means, but it sounds cool! Lastly, they go on to talk about a few new battle scenarios, including a particularly awesome one versus Hades. Evidently, the fight occurs in a "circular space" filled with souls that Hades can fling at Kratos and at some point, the boss even attempts to steal the hero's soul. Okay, Shang-Tsung.

So anyway, we're certain there's more to come and there's definitely a lot more info in that article, so grab a copy of the magazine when you get the chance. GoWIII is gonna be something very, very special.


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Feb 16, 2009
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no Gow3 till 2010??

As we prepare for the E3 madness to begin, there are some interesting nuggets of information floating about. None are necessarily long enough to warrant their own entry, so here, in easy to digest bullet points, are the whispers we’re currently hearing.

* Hope “God of War 3” isn’t on your holiday wish list. Despite widespread assumptions that the game is due this year, word now is that it has been pushed to 2010 (as has the next “Gran Turismo”). We may get official confirmation of this tomorrow at Sony’s press conference.

source: weblogs.variety.com/the_cut_scene/2009/06/god-of-war-3-wont-be-a-2009-release.html

honestly who's surprised?