Mondo Godzilla Statue by Phantom City Creative [Mondo]


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Mondo's 2013 GODZILLA poster by Phantom City Creative comes to life and will arrive at SDCC 2015 this weekend!


Based on Mondo’s teaser poster for Gareth Edward’s GODZILLA, we’ve taken the stunning Phantom City Creative art and brought it into the third dimension. The Godzilla statue captures the destructive and ominous King of the Monsters in painstaking sculpted detail. Red paint details on both the base and underside of the beast harken back to the background color of the original poster art, while also hinting at an immolating city below.

The Godzilla sculpture will be display at Mondo’s booth (#835) during San Diego Comic Con International 2015. Please note that the statue is a prototype and that some elements may change in the final product.