Digibook Godzilla vs. Kong (4K + Blu-ray Digibook) (Manta Lab Exclusive) [Hong Kong]


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Release date: July 9, 2021
Purchase link: Collectong (Pre-order on June 21, at 1 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $43.99
Note: 48-page Digibook with movie contents


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Apr 24, 2014
This is the same type of release as the ML WW84 unnumbered Digibook. I got my WW84 copies the other day in the mail and they look great.
It was exclusive only to Manta Lab but it is unnumbered, be nice to know how many they produced wish they numbered them. WW84 Digibook doesn't appear on collectong's website anymore even though all ML previous releases show up as sold out?
I'm going to try to buy one of these while preordering an Interstellar SL since shipping is so expensive! I would be surprised if Zilla vs Kong isn't still in stock another week until the Interstellar preorder.