Greetings fellow film aficionados

Apr 25, 2014
I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, I'm new to the HiDef Ninja world but not to the magic of the movies. I have loved film ever since I was a little kid, I was born in 1983 and remember watching all the old 80s and 90s era action films with the greats like Arnold and Sly. Also recall being terrified but intriquied by the horror films of that time, Freddy Krueger and Jason, I am also a huge Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan like any other kid my age the movies and cartoons were all the rage back then, and don't forget about the usual comic book super heroes Batman, Spiderman were my favorites although I liked Superman as well. I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan, where we are passionate about many things, Automobile capital of the world, and we love our sports teams. I grew up watching and playing ice hockey and it has been a major part of my life since I got my first pair of skates at the young age of two years old. I am also a avid firearm enthusiast and love gaming as well. I have too many favorite films to even list but I am one of the biggest Quentin Tarantino fans, I have seen and read every single thing he has ever released, including the great film True Romance which he wrote but did not direct as I sure all of you know. Pulp Fiction is hands down my favorite and i could watch it a million times and never get bored of it, complete masterpiece. I could talk movies all day so I won't go into a lot of detail, just your usual film buff with tons of useless knowledge of film and dialogue and scenes from film. I have a vast collection of DVDs over the years and a decent size Blu Ray collection, just getting into collecting Steelbooks the first two I ever bought were Death Proof and Planet Terror, DVD steel books from Best Buy shortly after they were released to dvd, after that never seen many in stores so never thought to buy them instead of the usual plastic cases. Sorry for the long post hope to see everyone around the forums discussing movies and such, take care