Mondo Hannibal - OST by Brian Reitzell (Steak Tartare Colored Vinyl)


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Apr 12, 2009
Limited to 1000, $30
On sale 6/4/2015 at random time [Sold out]

Hannibal Original Television Soundtrack 2XLP. 20 cues from the first two seasons curated by composer Brian Reitzell. Artwork by Phantom City Creative. 180 Gram Steak Tartare Colored Vinyl. Limited to 1,000 copies.$30
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Oh, Its more darker and exquisite than those mentioned by you.

It's an acquired, sophisticated taste if I may say. ;-)

Darker than Dexter? Interesting. I think part of the reason I put this off was because it's a major network tv show. I assumed Dexter was able to get away with a lot more being on Showtime than this would be able to on NBC.