Have you ever had a ps3 crap out on you?

PS3 Ever Broke?

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Jan 27, 2009
The D
lmao thats funny im formatting my ps3 as we speak and will be shipping it off tomorrow. couldnt get my bd issue fixed. also had a problem trying to back up. i had a external drive formatted to Fat32 and the ps3 wouldnt recognize it. i did get most of my saves except for RE5 and KZ2 so right now im not a happy camper
Jan 27, 2009
Yes twice!!! First it was a powering on issue. Went back to Best Buy and got a new 60gb. Then that one got the BD drive problem. Went to back to Best Buy. Got them to send me a gift card of the full purchase price. By then the PS3 was 200 bucks cheaper. Got my self a 40gb which I put in my kids room. And with the remainder on the gift card picked up the MGS4 80gb bundle. Both are still working lol. (Knocks on wood)


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
so far ive been safe from any crap-outs. there have been some times where it has gone a little funky and i got nervous, but other than that ive been in the clear. 80 GB motorstorm edition
Apr 28, 2009
I've had two die on me so far, first it was the YLOD and i'm not sure what happend 3 months after that... it just stopped working.
Mine just crapped ... I do remember back in the days, when ps3 first came out and I bought one and right out of the box it wouldnt output ANY audio ... and I know how to hook up equipment ;) ... so yeah I had to return that one.