Have you ever thought a game sucked, then later thought it was awesome?

One thing I have noticed now with the high quality of games out there is that you start playing a great game and fall in love with it and the control schemes that when you go play another supposed to be "great" game (especially shooters!!!!) that you just hate it ... as your not used it, or honestly not entirely finished with the other game you love playing so much.

Then later, when your tired of that one game and go back and play the "Supposed to be great game" your like ... "Wow, this is a great game!!"

I think plenty of people dont keep open minds in that sense these days and are quick to bash a game or sell it off etc.

Do you have any games you were like "Mehhhhhhh" about only to like it alot or love it later???

I do ...

Socom Confrontation ... thought it sucked at first, as I was used to FPS's and quicker action ... so I thought it sucked, then I fell in love with it again esp because of the realism, "one shot head shots" "size of your armor etc."

Call Of Duty World At War : I never bashed it as much as others but I hated how it took you forever to get some decent guns ... in any case, I was used to COD4 but it was good too.

Killzone 2: Man, I wasnt liking the MP at all ... for the longest ... as it takes you a bit to rank up and get your classes and guns and edit your controls and get the hang of it all .... if you dont do that, and u come from playing a COD game then your not gonna like it at first as your used to quicker more fluid like controls. Now, I love it, and I still got alot of guns/classes to get.
Jan 28, 2009
Call of duty 4 brought it on release date and hated the game 3 months went past and thought i would give it one more chance before selling it and im glad i did i love the game now


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Feb 16, 2009
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there was a short time where i was worried that Killzone 2 wasn't going to live up to the hype for me. then a few hours later, it did :scat:

it took me awhile to adjust to the pace of SOCOM, as COD4 was pretty much the only online game i played before that. so i didn't really like playing at first. plus i really sucked so it was mostly me dying. now i appreciate it more.

im a pretty patient gamer tho, i usually don't give up on a game for awhile. im close to giving up on mlb 09 tho, at least with everything except RTTS. that game loves to screw me over :mad:


Jan 28, 2009
Socom Confrontation, hated for the same reasons as Wreck. But once you learn the maps, the button lay out and having to be somewhat tactical and work/communicate as a team the game is awesome. Plus I love hiding in bushes and having people walk right by me. My favorite game right now, very happy wifey talked me into it.
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Jan 27, 2009
No, if a game sucks then it sucks :p lol jk. I thought that about MGS online. Not really the game as the game is probably the best story I've played to date. The MP was some getting used to but I absolutely loved it.
I can probably say the original Motorstorm. It was so frustrating just crashing all the time, but once I got the jist of the controls, I started enjoying it. My brother thought so too.
No, if a game sucks then it sucks :p lol jk. I thought that about MGS online. Not really the game as the game is probably the best story I've played to date. The MP was some getting used to but I absolutely loved it.
I thought MGO was ok not as bad as I originally thought, I played it for a bit then never got on again :)
Come to think of it ... I think we played this immediately after COD4 or right at the same time period ... probably a big reason why alot hated it .. wonder how it would fair now hahaa
Apr 29, 2009
i hate almost almost all games i play at first then grow to love them
I actually hated Warhawk at first...mainly cause I sucked big time and kept throwing grenades at walls and killing myself. Then I got the hang of the controls and now I'm really good.:cool: Awesome clan battles also helped quite a bit...I learned a lot from other players.


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I know it's not a new game, but this happened to me with Fallout 3. When i originally played it, i wasn't even out of the vault, and i quit playing as i thought the game was going to suck. Then i gave it a round 2. I told myself i'd give the game 3 hours, and if i wasn't starting to get hooked, i'd then get rid of it. Well, needless to say, Fallout has become one of my favorite games ever.