HDMI Wires

Jan 30, 2009
Ok looking to pick up some new wires and wanted to know does length effect anything??

I wanted to pick up so longish wires, so i can do some wiring and wanted to know does it effect anything, i.e. picture quality??

I didnt think it did but needed a second persons thought!!!:)
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
Depends on how long of a length. I'm not an expert on HDMI length's or nothing, but I do know if your going to be running them farther than usual you will need a thicker guage wire since it will lose some signal. Just like in CCTV wires. Rg59>RG6>Cat5e
Mar 12, 2009
i think i got 8m and it's alright...they always say get short as it can be possible with what you need...last thing you need is a lot of slack & paying extra for it.
yeah everyone claims that HDMI wires dont matter, so buy as cheap as possible ... I believe it, but I still like to atleast get gold plated connectors, there more stable and dont have that feeling like they're about to break off.

Kinda pissed that wal-mart still has expensive HDMI wires ... I had to pay $30+ here in Washington for an HDMI wire since I didnt think to bring mine from home.