HDN Fantasy Cast "Wrestler PA" Giveaway #NINJAWEEKWARP (3 of 5)


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Here's your chance to win both of PLAIN ARCHIVE'S "The Wrestler" Steelbooks. All you have to do is, thank this post, and....

Cast an actor to play a famous SportStar!

Ex. Miles Teller as Peyton Manning



Contest Terms

Winner will be chosen at random. (Ol' School Hat Draw)
Winners pays shipping fee.
Contest will be over Wednesday 22nd, of March. (12:01 am EST)
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Sep 29, 2012
I would have used the Karim Benzema/Shia LeBoeuf example but as its been done I'll go to my reserve!

If Prince Harry becomes an actor his first role must be Kevin De Bruyne!

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Obi Wan Dandobi

The dude abides!
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May 15, 2015
Time to cast the WINNER!

Playing the Winner for this giveaway will be... @Obi Wan Dandobi !!!!

Sign your non disclosure agreement for this role, tell everyone, and dont thank me, thank PLAIN ARCHIVE & THE MIGHTY HI-DEF NINJA!!!! #Congrats
Oh wow! Thanks mate! I have a big weepy Oscar speech if you want to hear it!

Seriously though I'm gobsmacked! Thanks so much! This is superb and what an awesome prize!!! And obviously a big shout out to Plain Archive and the mightiest of ninjas: the HI-DEF NINJAS!!! :woot::woot: