HDN Halloween Fest 3 is October 24-31,2017!


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Apr 12, 2009

Hello ghouls and creepy ninjas!
This year marks the 3rd year of our sitewide horror celebration! It's that time of year when all the ghouls come out to play, and our horror community has a chance to appreciate and share the Halloween season and the spooky flicks and collectibles that come with it!

The event continues to expand, and once again, for our 3rd year we have some cool things to bring our community. The content will be interspersed throughout the forum and the hidefninja.com front page, with new giveaways on our home page and other forums, new reviews by our team of writers who are huge horror fans, our annual Horror Watch party here,and a few surprises along the way.​

Stay tuned to this forum to check out all of the new stuff, and enjoy the Halloween season!

A BIG, bloody thanks to @tridon who is coordinating our news and review content for the event, and to @bigrob who has worked behind the scenes for this year's event.

I've asked them to post a new thread with links leading to each new item that they're sharing, so feel free to watch this forum (click at top right of forum) to get alerted.

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