Hello from London!

Mar 11, 2018
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Hi all, mid 20's casual Steelbook collector from London here!

I've been aware of HDN for a while now, but realised I'd never actually made an account. And seeing as I'm about to start looking for basically every version of The Shape Of Water (I've never purchased anything from outside the UK before) it seemed like the perfect time to do so.

My work life revolves around social media in the entertainment industry, which means in my free time I spend less looking at it (sometimes you just need a break) so it might take a little longer for me to respond to things - promise I'm not rude.


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Jan 21, 2011
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Welcome to the forum @mangers21! Good to have you here. I'm sure you will find plenty of cool editions for your Shape Of Water collection!:)


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Feb 28, 2011
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A very warm welcome to HDN @mangers21. :thumbs:

You've definitely come to the right place to source items from overseas... I can promise you that you're in safe hands here. ;)

Please feel free to contact myself or another Mod if you require assistance with anything. :)