Hello People

This entails my first post entering this community.
My full name: Manuel Eduardo Koegler
I'm from the Netherlands and like many on here, I'm a collector.
Concerning blu-rays however, I consider myself a beginner, I didn't make the early jump to blu-ray, only just doing so little more than a year ago.
Specific reason for me joining this forum is that a little while back I started collecting steelbooks (only got a measily 4 of them right now, but that'll grow, quickly) and learned HDN was the best place to be at.
More specifically I recently learned about the blufans exclusives, with the only way to obtain them at a decent price being group buys on here.
So there you have it, my story.
Hope we can all get along and if someone can inform me on how these groupbuys work I'd much appreciate it.

Greetings, Bye Bye

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