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Nov 24, 2011
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Hellraiser Puzzle Box
Known also as "The Lemarchand Configuration" and "The Lament Configuration"

The Hellraiser Puzzle Box is also known as “The Lemarchand Configuration” as well as “The Lament Configuration”. Below are images of the etched brass and mahogany Lament Configuration(or Hellraiser Puzzle Box).

This puzzle box is the one that is Screen Accurate to the movie.

My boxes are meticulously handcrafted following the strict specifications of the original boxes from the movie, Hellraiser. No where else will you find quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The panels are recreated from the boxes used in the Hellraiser 1 and Hellraiser 2 which were designed by Simon Sayce, the original designer of the boxes. The panels are etched at a professional etching house to assure detail and quality brass panels.

  • 3″x3″x3″ inches square.
  • Made of Mahogany wood.
  • The pattern on the faces are .005″ etched brass.
  • 2 sides of the box are lacquered black with the rest of the sides of the box showing the grain of the wood.
  • The box is sealed with many coats of quality lacquer to insure the panels don’t peel off.
  • A quality replica suitable for any Hellraiser fan


We now offer financing:

Hellraiser Puzzle Box
Solid Mahogany and Etched Brass
Hellraiser Puzzle Box
The etched brass and solid mahogany Hellraiser Puzzle Box or Lemarchand Configuration is based upon the original design by Simon Sayce for the Hellraiser movies 1 and 2. Strict specifications are followed with an emphasis on craftsmanship.

A 4″x6″ Photo of Captain Elliot Spencer and a Certificate of Authenticity are included with each box purchased. *Does NOT include Stand*

I am making these again but in a limited quantity. <————
If you wish to get one CONTACT ME to be put on the waiting list.
Prices have gone up due to inflation, availability of material and limited time

In the USA: $289.00, Shipping and Insurance are included in this price.

Outside The USA(International): $329.00, Shipping and Insurance are included in this price.


@Lone Crusader: I hope to have some solid screenshots of one in a month or two as I'm on the list to purchase one.
I got an update of the beginning process. One of these will be mine and he said it takes around two months to make one. I missed the last batch because I said I'd pay in March so he skipped over me but then I came into some extra money early so I said I can actually pay earlier than March so he asked if I'd prepay so as to guarantee mine in the next batch so I did. Here's the email that I received with the pictures. I'm getting the primary box that is supposed to be a replica matching the one in the movie but he also makes a few other variations like a stainless steel one that's actually more expensive and more sought after than the one I'm getting. Once I get mine, if I'm satisfied with the craftsmanship I'll probably put down another deposit for a stainless steel one as they look really awesome.

Just a quick update, as someone asked for one. I don't send out updates every week, only when major changes happen with the boxes.
Here is the staining and then the blackening of the ends and a couple of black stainless steel boxes.
It's been pouring down rain here in San Diego. They say it never rains in Southern California, but when it does, we get floods.

Can't really work when it's raining as the wood absorbs the moisture from the air and expands. So I have to wait for the rain to stop, and then the
humidity to go down for a couple days before I can work again. The expanding and contracting isn't good for the plating or the sealing.



@C.C. 95
Got another email update, here's what he said.

Hey Folks, just a quick update.
plating finally started, after having a small break from the rain we've been
having. Plating was started over the weekend. and will continue for the next 5 days
at which time it will be the beginning of sealing.
Once sealing is done and curing of that seal had been satisfied boxes will
be ready to ship. but this is the art that can take some time.
I was set back about 2-3 weeks because of the rain we've had, and there's
supposed to be a little more on the way this week.
Hoping not to much so I can get this batch finished and out the door.
See photos.

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I got another update, probably the last one before they ship out.
Hey Folks quick update and the next steps.
The boxes are *almost* done. This part, the sealing and curing is the
slowest and most time consuming part.
Each side gets 2-3 layers of lacquer and they typically have to cure for 1-2
days between each layer.
Usually I let the boxes sit for 2 full day sometimes 3-4 before turning to
do the next side to make sure the side is cured enough that it doesn't stick
to the rotation stand.

I have 2 sides left to spray. Each of those 2 sides will get 2-3 layers and
once those are done I let the boxes sit and cure for at least a week and
then I test the hardness of the cure before shipping them out. I'm going to
say easily another 1-2 weeks before they ship.

and these will be the last boxes for a little while as I have to move. We
were displaced recently as my landlords house was flooded in January so they
are evicting us, after being here for 13 years, so they can move in an live
So I'm packing and getting ready to move but I have to have these boxes done
before I move. so I am trying to get these done sooner than later. but they
need to be done right so there are no issues with the finish. this side
that is facing up in the photos was the last spray for this side and then
will be turned *maybe* tomorrow to start the next side. The days are getting
warmer so I can work on them during the heat of the day so they get sprayed
in the cooler evening temps, and then the heat of the day helps to cure them
a little quicker. but I can't let them get too hot otherwise the finish will


almost done.

Here are the pictures to go along with it.


A little scary update, I hope the guy's alright. Being released a day after a heart attack...wow?! Anyways it looks like maybe they will ship out next week, I hope...fingers crossed.
Hey Folks, Last Saturday I had a pretty major heart attack. They got me in
time to save my life, and released me the following day. So it's been a
little slow for the past week.

Good news is I was able to get the last coats on today and will let those
settle and cure for a day and inspect the boxes tomorrow or Sunday for any
If all is good they will cure for a few days longer and then I will start
shipping them out this coming week.

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Well hrm? This should have been delivered on the 20th, but it's gone from California to Texas then back to California and has been there for two days and hasn't moved. I emailed the sender and he told me to wait and see and that it says "Moving through the network" and I emailed him back just now and explained that it could be in my home town and it would still say "Moving through the network". So at this point I don't know what's happening with it except that USPS could tell the difference between the arsehole and a hole in the wall, go figure. I guess just wait and see, hell I've already waited almost three months for it what's a little longer smh???
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Damn even comes with a note and cards , where do you buy the stand for it?
He threw it in as a freebie because he accidently skipped over me the first time I requested one but usually you have to pay like $15 I believe for one. He also has glass domes you can put one in like the ones in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. I think they're like $60.
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After almost 3 months waiting it finally came in. It definitely is a masterpiece. I've included pictures of how it comes and what all it comes with except for the last photo, the schematic I bought seperate from some place else.

View attachment 576854 View attachment 576855
View attachment 576856 View attachment 576857
View attachment 576858
View attachment 576850
View attachment 576851
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View attachment 576853

@C.C. 95
great photos :Snap:, you can really see the care talen on the panels so that they have real depth and relief. :wow: thanks for keeping us up to date over the process. :thumbs: the note about Elliot Spencer is a nice additional touch. :woot:
great photos :Snap:, you can really see the care talen on the panels so that they have real depth and relief. :wow: thanks for keeping us up to date over the process. :thumbs: the note about Elliot Spencer is a nice additional touch. :woot:
Thanks! The guy had a major heart attack and he still came through, amazing to say the least. Glad he's ok. All the extras really add to the care taken into this, I highly recommend him if you're looking for a really good Lament Configuration puzzle box prop.