Hellraiser Trilogy - Uncut Limited 4-Disc Laquered Velvet Edition [Germany]


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Oct 29, 2014
HELLRAISER 1-3 (3Blu-Ray+DVD) (4Discs) - Limited Laquered Velvet Edition - Uncut

Release November 6 , 2015
Price: 69,99€


High-quality lacquered in glossy black box (cylindrically ground), embossed with UV lacquer lettering which has a noble magnetic closure
The box is covered with velvet, and will be refined in the upper inner part again by a white Pinhead Flocking

In the box there is a padded Mediabook in leather look with deep embossing incl a booklet with 32 pages.
3 double-sided Hellraiser Artwork Posters
3 Cube Configuration Cards
Exclusive double-sided Filmcell certificate with original 35mm film negative copy of Hellraiser 1 incl. serialization

Bonus Features:

- For the First time , 2 short movies from Clive Baker
- Salomé
- The Forbidden
- To the Limits of Horror & Beyond
- Interviews and many more.....




Contributor Steels/Arrow
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It looks nice but not as good as the Arrow Video Scarlet Box Set

It's not the first time 2 short movies from Clive Baker Salomé and The Forbidden have been made available
The UK Anchor Bay UK - DVD Collector's Edition Box Set had Salomé and The Forbidden

Salomé and The Forbidden are also on Disc 4 in the Arrow Video Scarlet Box Limited Edition Trilogy

I might at a later stage get the German Media Book if it's still available in a few months