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HER Blu-ray Steelbook Manta Lab Exclusive #37 Full Slip


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Jan 6, 2015
Aniv submitted a new resource:

HER Blu-ray Steelbook Manta Lab Exclusive #37 Full Slip - Price Excludes Shipping Cost (To Be Billed After GroupBuy Closes Based On Destination & Total Qty)

Limit 1 of each Single Edition Per Customer. Box Cannot Be Purchased by same member;

Buyer will be liable for any PayPal refund fees as any additional merchandise ordered will be cancelled if box set (one click) is also ordered in addition to single edition(s).

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is going to need a bigger boat
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Jul 6, 2016
I’d like to request a full slip.
you need to purchase up front if you are interested, use the
top right of this page. if it's greyed-out and says not available or similar, you have missed it. however, @Aniv is adding more to the GBs on a. regular basis, good luck! :thumbs: