Hey Guys, Check out my 2 new additions! Real Wall E and SAW Puppet

User Sandman from the forums hooked me up with the Saw Puppet ... its pretty sweet, nicely detailed and has the tricycle as pictured, says about 5 or so diff sayings from the movie.... kinda creepy ;p

But check out the Wall E ... pretty pimp, does over 1,000 commands! talks, dances, moves, shakes, turns , eyes light up, chases my dog :p ... you name it. wireless remote control not shown.

These are both well over 12" tall so they are alot bigger than picture. They make for great peices as Home Theater decor ... and will REALLY look good whenever I finally get that DEDICATED home theater room ...

Toys R US ... guy said they are hard to come by as they just finally got their first shipment since the xmas ones that sold out. There is an EVE one too.

They have a Wall E and EVE a tad smaller than mine for 39.99

or the bigger walle (pictured above) for 59.99 ... this is the one that comes with remote control and does the 1000 programable (sp?) commands.
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
I really like the Wall E figure! I have the same one, but MUCH smaller.

I just got an original plush Paploo ewok, complete with original cape! It's not much but I like it! :)
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Thats bad ass, I got like all the Robin Hood figures from the Kevin Costner film ... not much, but I like them a ton too. :)

It's all about what you like... :)

When I ever get my life sorted and have my TV room set up I want it star wars themed.

I considered doing my bedroom in a Hoth theme once... lol.


Jan 28, 2009
You guys are cute with your toys! :hilarious:

Thinking of redoing my bedroom, going with a whole 49er motif. Won't Chris be surprised when he gets home! EEK!