Hi-Def Ninja - Year End - Mystery Movie Box

Jul 21, 2013
Very intrigued. However it being a tight month for us all spending £50 on this when it could be something I do not like is hard to justify!
Good luck all those that do try it out. :)
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Jun 19, 2013
But the mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat! :rofl:

Joking aside, this is a really cool idea. I hope there might still be some left in a few weeks, way too broke from christmas.
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Jan 17, 2014
Lovely idea but very sadly too much money for me just now and be just my luck to get stuff I already have but cool idea another time perhaps :(
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Jan 18, 2012
Some more info wouldn't hurt. For example, does a $50 mystery box guarantee you a minimum $50 value item, or can it be a bargain bin dud?


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Jun 30, 2014
Alexandria Safe-Zone


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F***ing mystery boxes.

Does the Zbox not get enough hate that you feel the need to jump on the bandwagon?

$150 one just ordered , please be something worth it in there :thumbs:

the $150 tier does say some of the possibilities
From Autographed Mondo SteelBooks, BluFans, Long Sold out items, there is no telling what you might get!

There is a few different tiers and you can order as many as you like during this short window or while supplies last. Very LIMITED. Enjoy, Happy New Year Ninjas!

as the big man says if it's not your cup of tea then thats OK
Nov 19, 2013
Norwich, UK
Went for the $100 box ($126.50 delivered to UK). Hope for Blufans Rocket and Groot / Iron Man lenti / Big Hero 6 / Zombieland Mondo etc. Probably end up with something I already have though lol. Glad to help this site
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