Hi guys!

Aug 6, 2013
Hello everyone!
Greetings from Moscow, Russia!
Kinda weird, i registered almost a year ago but only now started to read forums everyday.
I'm a huge collector of blu-rays, artbooks ( i guess i have more than a hundred of them) and figures/statues, mostly Sideshow Alien, Predators and other cool pieces.
Sorry in advance for my english.
Aug 6, 2013
Welcome aboard, Modulus! I hope you stick around... I already know that you have great film taste with liking Pacific Rim. ;)
Thanks. I'm still under impression from Pacific Rim. I love all Del Toro films actually.
Your Pacific Rim collection bigger than mine, but i got these floorstanders (or whatever you call them) from movie theater.
Still can't find a place for Cherno Alpha. They're too big for my apartment, but i love them. :oohyeah:
Sorry for the pics quality, made them quickly.