Jun 12, 2015
The names Rob i am from the U.K ,from up North Northerner guess the term is .....Cue jokes
Just normal regular guy job etc
Big Home cinema fan ,not rich but got a 5.1 separates system in my Home at mo with Onkyo AVR,B&W CM Speakers , Panasonic DBT500 bluray player,Popcorn Player, SVS Subwoofer and Samsung 8500 plasma as centre piece
Hoping to upgrade system and speakers to more i guess call specific home cinema system as opposed to my hifi speaker based system soon as money allows,(but cant make up my mind which) to maybe 5.1 7.1 + multi way rears and maybe also to the new formats in time , front heights etc thou whether in my small house is worthwhile guess will see.
Big Music fan also anything really not a fan of any music genre in particular if a songs good and like it its good no matter what genre ,was into the dance scene in years gone by had the technics 1210s in house.
Started i assume same route as most people buying the normal blurays ,noticed the steels in HMV took my fancy started buying those i liked went from there .
Noticed these steels from other countrys on ebay amazon .started buying those and online searches this site started popping up.
So started i guess the term is Lurking !! round here reading the posts all the time liked what i saw ,read here
So decided to take the plunge and sign up.


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