Holographic TV will be a possibility in 10 years.

Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of the better known T-Mobile, has certainly made a name for itself over at the IPTV World Forum. The outfit's Chief Innovation Officer Christopher Schlaffer was quoted as saying that both 3DTV and holographic TV were definitely primed to take off within the next ten years. His reasoning for such a bold assertion was this: "Storage capacity and processing capacity is exploding. There is no doubt that bandwidth is tripling every year, so ten years from now are we going to be looking at 1,000Mb connections in every home on average? I would say yes, absolutely." Granted, this is just one guy's opinion on what may or may not happen, but given just how quickly the television viewing experience is morphing right now, we suppose it's not all that far-fetched. Besides, some of this has to come true if we're to enjoy the 2012 Olympics in 3D, right?

I'd love to see this :) I think this is a possibility as long as companies stop being greedy yes bandwidth is growing, but also the companies behind providing this bandwidth are also looking to cap it! any thoughts?
Well 10 years is quite a bit far, things evolve fast specially technology. We will start seeing the first wave of 3D TVs this year I guarantee you and the technology can only get better so what is to say that in 6-8 years we won't see this come to reality and get a first preview of it? :)
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
Yeah, as a demo or some project to show it off I could see it happening. Just not mainstream in 10 years. Like going to BB and buying it in store LOL Didn't regular HD take more than 10 to become mainstream?