Hommage to Exquisite Archive... (Plain Archive)

Sep 15, 2012
The Netherlands
Welcome to my hommage of Exquisite Archive. Exquisite you say? Yes, exquisite. Cause there is nothing Plain, about Plain Archive. Their attention and dedication to bringing us collector's groundbreaking, paramount releases over and over again deserve the surname: Exquisite.


Ever since i was about 9 years old, i felt the urge to collect stuff which i liked. I found out pretty soon that i loved limited, or more sought after releases. It was the hunt and okay, honestly saying.... also the bragging rights that got me searching for limited editions of anything i liked.

Years passed by, collecting comic books, vhs tapes, cd's, dvd's, shoes, jackets, Coca Cola stuff, post stamps, coins whatever, that i made a decision. My decision was to stick to media and i started.

Blu-ray limited editions, i started with The Dark Knight (NL) and since then i have been hooked, but nothing got me prepared for what Exquisite Archive (Plain Archive) was gonna do.

Searching the interwebs (yes, i watch Fast 'N Loud ;-) i found out about this community and signed up, shortly after i started to see post of Plain Archive releases and i was hooked from day one. I can remember getting hyped for every release and in the beginning we as #PlainArmy were only with a few. But eventually the Ninja's finally got smart and catched up (hahahahah).

I simply love everything Plain Archive does, from their titles to the total build up. They as a small team have managed to build a brand which, due to their own standards and business points, have made their followers loyal, due toe mutual respect. I find Plain Archive as a company, unique yet down to earth and very well in touch with their customers. Truly respect that, they have made a company and managed to get the X -factor. I love them for it, cause they are living their words....

By collectors, for collectors.

So with great honour, i present to you my humble, small collection of Plain Archive.






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Awesome collection Jay :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

Prints are awesome! I only own the DVDPrime one, would love to add the pink also :rolleyes:

(and I also collected Coca Cola stuff back as a kiddo, still got like 50 glasses in boxes and other stuff stored in the basement)
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