Hotel Transylvania 2 - Lenticular 3D/2D Blu-Ray Steelbook - MM Exclusive


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May 28, 2013
Hello everyone

Welcome to the GroupBuy for Hotel Transylvania 2 Lenticular Steelbook exclusive
Release Date - 25/02/2016


Steelbook - 27€
Packaging and other small fee`s - 2,60€
Paypal Fee`s - 5%
HDN Fee`s - 3€
Shipping starts at 6,50€ for 1 Steelbook or 500g!!!

Other Shipping Methods :
1x Steelbook or more up to 500g - 6,50€
2x Steelbooks or more up to 1000g - 10,50€
3x Steelbooks or more up to 2000g - 21,00

DHL International Packet within Europe up to 2kg - 15€
DHL International Packet within Europe up to 5kg - 17€
DHL International Packet outside Europe up to 5kg - 36€

Expected Price for 1x Steelbook, shipping worldwide with tracking number = 39,90€ (or less)

… you can combine Steelbooks from my other GB`s to save shipping costs…
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Anyone know the final price with all that crap they add to it? I would like to know how much I am spending if I buy one here...I do want one though! :)

It's in the original post should be around 39.90euros or less including shipping. However since the release date was back in November might be to late. Can't really know with out @merowinger saying so.