How Did You Find Us?

Sep 10, 2020
'Sup! First post so thanks for letting me join the community! Been browsing the forum for a while now as a keen steelbook collector this was usually the first port of call on my browser when looking for news so finally decided to join!
Nov 14, 2020
Hi, from Portugal!
i arrived here after my new addition... steelbooks. This is really a wonderfull world, not only the movie itself, but all the editions around it. i was looking for more information about Ex Machina special editions

Now that i found these, i´m guessing i will be around here for many time...
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Nov 14, 2020
I saw a steelbook and was like damn, these look sweet! So I started Googling and landed on this forum. I have purchased 15 steelbooks since (its been maybe a week). It is a bad addiction but I am happy to be here! Also looking to purchase a 4K blu ray player for Black Friday. I'm from Toronto Canada - Mike
Nov 28, 2020
I found this site on accident from various steelbook / limited edition searches, this site was almost always a result. Started collecting steels :bestbuy: about a month ago, then I found out about 1-clicks :scat: ... Now I'm here ready to jump on some GB's
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