How important is it to have THX on your receiver?

Mar 12, 2009
mine has it,i paid a little extra for it....i guess its alright thing to have..

all i really know is what your paying for is THX Components inside the receiver that other's dont have because its not THX certified...

and what really makes me can you improve on HD sources like HD Master Audio & uncompressed i dont really know about the whole THX thing u know u need THX speaker wire,THX HDTV....THX get the whole THX effect..

sound kind of like a gimmick?..might be.


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Apr 28, 2009

THX is a nice thing to have... will the casual listener care? Not a bit! My receiver (AVR254 from HK) is not THX certified, but compared to my dad's THX certified 2308ci I win. Speakerwise we both use Definitive Technology. I use the Procinema 600 and he's got pro1000 in the front and 800's for the surrounds.

Guess it depends if you want to believe its better or not....?
Oct 6, 2009
THX is just an extension to already available surround sound and image formats.
It's supposed to replicate the way it was intended/made by the studio

Movies that bear the well-known logo have gone through the THX Digital Mastering Program. This is a professional services group that works with studios and post-production facilities to ensure that the highest standards are applied for sound, video, compression, and replication.

THX-certified video displays include a THX mode which allows users to see a program or movie as the creator intended
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Oct 31, 2010
THX certification means that your product has met certain minimum specs. What those specs are sometimes is not disclosed :(