How many different Final Fantasy Movie Steelbooks/Metalpaks etc. do exist?

Nov 26, 2018
Hi guys, I'm one of the new Ninja-Apprentices and still trying to find my way around here. Have to admit, the forums structure is a bit challenging due to it's size, so I hope this post is made at the right place.
I'm a big Final Fantasy fan and started collecting Steelbooks and similar stuff about a year ago.
While I'm pretty happy with how thing went so far, I'm a bit frustrated when it comes to finding out about certain Steels.

So without more talking around, here is the Question:
How many different DVD and Blu-Ray "Final Fantasy" Movie Steelbooks / Metalpaks / Futurpaks and what not, do exists? (Different by actual design, not region they were released in)

What I know of:
Advent Children (+Complete):
- 2 exclusive to Germany (DVD)
- 1 asia (Blu-Ray, stickerbook released in several asian countries as far as I know)
- 1 china(?) exclusive (Blu-Ray)
- 2 Australia exclusives (DVD)

The Spirits Within:
- 1 Germany exclusive (Blu-Ray)

- 1 normal world wide release (Blu-Ray)
- 1 within FFXV Deluxe (Blu-Ray)
- 1 within FFXV CE (Blu-Ray)

Here are pictures to all the different versions: (Note: Pictures "Asia", "Australia 1" and "Australia 2" are not mine)
Advent Children
Germany 1:
Germany 2:
Australia 1:
Australia 2:

The Spirits Within
Germany 1:

Normal Movie release:
FFXV Deluxe:
FFXV Collector's Edition:

Are there any I don't know of? Any info would be very much appreciated! :)