How Many SteelBooks Do You Own? Post pics of collection / last acquired!

How Many Steelbooks Do You Own?

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Jan 30, 2009
This particular thread is to showcase new and recent additions to your collection and showcasing your entire collection.

In order to allow for smooth scrolling and loading, on multiple types of devices, we're asking our community to work with us to do the following:
1. Please try and resize your pictures prior to posting them as it helps the loading times for you and your fellow collectors.
2. You might want to consider posting your pics in the dedicated media section found HERE where you will be able to take advantage of the amount of filters, resizing, and other features if you use that interface.
3. Please use spoiler tags when posting more than one picture of the same steelbook.
4. If you receive more than one steelbook, please take a group shot, not a picture from every single steel.
5. If you receive more than a single copy of one steel, post pictures of a SINGLE copy please. If they are for a group buy, then those pictures should be posted in the group buy thread and NOT in this thread.
6. If you wish to show multiple steelbooks from different angles, please use spoiler tags.

This thread is for your last movie SteelBook. If it's another kind please use the proper thread below:
Last Viva Metal Box You Purchased?
Last Ironpack/MetalPak/Tin You Purchased?
Last Video game SteelBook Acquired?
Last Blu-ray Special Edition Purchased?


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At last , I finally found 98% scratch free copy of Seven Samurai (J Card inc) for a super steal, decent price. The smile on my face when that happened. :LOL:

My number 1 film of all time since the age of 20.

Thank you late night BBC 2 for my education. :joy:
I remember them broadcasting a Kurosawa season after midnight over the Christmas Holiday period in the mid-late 90s. This, Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Ran, Rashomon and Throne of Blood
I was smitten from that moment on.

Just wish there were more Akira Kurosawa Steelbooks beyond this and Ran (I've still to pick up the import)

The transfer from the BFi isn't nearly as good as Criterions remaster unfortunately - it's much brighter, lacks contrast in the darker areas, has slightly blown out highlights and a softer overall image despite it being 1080 - also the extras are crummy - but it's still leagues superior to the old DVD scans and this is the only Steelbook, so here's hoping Criterion decide to invest in a 4K grade and scan.
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A few more new "old" blu ray steel pick ups. Most of you will already no doubt have.

A nice full gloss'emboss on the Ex Machina and the Black Swan comes across nice and clean on closer inspection. I thought the matte black might be streaky but the finish is actually much nicer in hand.

The Ex steel is one of the only films I don't mind having with no title on the front.

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