How Many SteelBooks Do You Own? Post pics of collection / last acquired!

How Many Steelbooks Do You Own?

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Jan 30, 2009
This particular thread is to showcase new and recent additions to your collection and showcasing your entire collection.

In order to allow for smooth scrolling and loading, on multiple types of devices, we're asking our community to work with us to do the following:
1. Please try and resize your pictures prior to posting them as it helps the loading times for you and your fellow collectors.
2. You might want to consider posting your pics in the dedicated media section found HERE where you will be able to take advantage of the amount of filters, resizing, and other features if you use that interface.
3. Please use spoiler tags when posting more than one picture of the same steelbook.
4. If you receive more than one steelbook, please take a group shot, not a picture from every single steel.
5. If you receive more than a single copy of one steel, post pictures of a SINGLE copy please. If they are for a group buy, then those pictures should be posted in the group buy thread and NOT in this thread.
6. If you wish to show multiple steelbooks from different angles, please use spoiler tags.

This thread is for your last movie SteelBook. If it's another kind please use the proper thread below:
Last Viva Metal Box You Purchased?
Last Ironpack/MetalPak/Tin You Purchased?
Last Video game SteelBook Acquired?
Last Blu-ray Special Edition Purchased?


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Today's new old Gals. A couple of 80's classic linked by Spielberg.
Gremlins & Empire of The Sun.
Super designs showing again how sometimes the older versions remain superior imo.

I was expecting Gremlins to be glossed and to be honest it should have been, but it's a zero finish. It's not the best print reproduction on the back but the front is fine with that absolutely iconic image. It photographs really well; I just could have sworn it was glossed like Empire.
Was there a glossed version of this design and I've picked the wrong version?

Empire of the Sun has that exact gloss that Gremlins should have. It'd absolutely gorgeous in hand. Colour reproduction and design. Top tier. Unfortunately mine has a little dink on an edge. Yuk :LOL:

Some great embossing on both titles with the frames.
I love frames on steelbooks. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually :rofl:

Fantastic designs.

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This isn't everything but I think I have a good collection going, there are some criterion blurays mixed in as well. Once I have them set up the way I want to I'll take some more pics. Just started in December btw (had to return the fugitive it came dented from Best Buy)

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Oh, a newbie, welcome to the forum, and that's a good start, great to see a new collection being born!
Popped up on Saturday.
'Cloverfield' steelbook.
Awesome metal work on this old steel. Heavy eboss/deboss. Great design.
I really like the 4k versions design but the finish is not good, so opted for this old one; it has a really incredible finish and the design is perfect. This can be picked up second hand DIRT...and I mean it, dirt cheap nowadays.

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Classic pickup time.
'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'
Blu-ray Steelbook
Very good matte finish and a great design. Embossing and spot gloss. I really wish they'd added some colour to the design though. Almost too blue. :confused:
Some nice hues of red and orange on the ship would have made it top tier.
If you love the film though its a must buy. Add a 4k disc as there's no 4k steelbook to my knowledge.

Added Psycho to the collection.
After buying Vertigo 4k, I realised that we didn't get the set with film titles like the US did. What a pain. To collect that set now would be too expensive, so I decided to pick up the older Blu-ray versions that all have titles and decent art as well - not the original posters like the 4k versions - but really nice nonetheless. They also look cool together.
Psycho steel is particularly lovely. At least I've got the Vertigo in 4k anyway :LOL:

Local CEX does good for once.

I almost never find clean (ish) steelbooks in my local CEX trade-in store. It's mostly filled with dented, scratched and mangled stock.
Yet, yesterday afternoon, one alone stuck out like a shining beacon of lusty love, lost in the sweaty flaccid mess.

Boogie Nights.

Bought it immediately.
Nuff said.

4K Alien steels are hard to find and expensive now, so I picked up the older blu ray version for under £10. Still a decent price for now.
I've always liked this one.
It's a bit streaky but the colours are nice, if a little poorly printed.
For this price, it's worth a punt.
Add a 4K 40th anniversary disc and, bingo!

Until we get an inevitable 45th Anniversary steelbook, which I believe is this year in 2024.
Maybe? Who knows.