How To Clean Out Your DLP TV

How To Clean Out Your DLP TV:

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Every so often you may want to clean out your DLP from dust bunnies. It could possibly save you in the long run from things overheating. My lamp bulb has seemed to only last every 4 months in the past year so I decided to clean out the fans especially so that it would be getting full ventilation. I've read where other people's fans would stop completely due to too much dust. So in theory this should hopefully allow for my Lamp Life to increase due to "Brand New" like ventilation.

The following is a step by step guide so to speak that I wrote up and took pictures of for those about to attempt this process. Ofcourse NOT ALL DLPs ARE THE SAME but they do share alot of likeness' and this may actually help you out some. The TV below as pictured is that of a 61" Samsung 1080p DLP HDTV w/3D Ready. (I'll get the excact model # soon enough)

Dont touch any electronic components as some will still carry a charge even when the TV is unplugged and could shock you! So my disclaimer is that this site takes no responsibility for your actions or attempt at this method of cleaning out your DLP.


Supplies You Will Need:

As you can see you will need a Q-tip, flashlight, canned air and some screwdrivers.


Your DLP may or may not have brackets, in which case mine did so you have to take the screws out of these first.


Another picture from further back to better show the brackets. As you can see, the one on the left has been taken off already.


This is important, you dont want to lose screws or not know where/how to put them back so you might want to set them in different areas or take pictures so you know which ones go to which holes when reassembling. I just simply placed them in order of top/bottom on the floor in front of me and lined them up with the holes above so I wouldnt get confused.

Screw Removal:

On this model TV there were also screws on the outer portion that you have to take off as well. While you do this, go ahead and remove the lamp hatch screw and cover as well.

Screw Removal:

Just like the other side, remove the following screws.

Shell/Casing Removal:

As you can see with this pic, now that all screws have been removed you can pull off the backside shell. PULL OFF THE SIDE OPPOSITE OF THE LAMP FIRST!!! Reason being, the lamp side on most DLPs (Including mine) has a vent so you have plastic that goes inwards ... So if you yank on the lamp side first it wont come off and you could possibly break some plastic insides or possibly something else.

Shell/Casing Removal:

Backside view, just pull the backside shell off now and set it aside.

Inside Cleaning:

Now that you have your backside open, you will more than likely see alot of dust. First clean off all the dust that is on the bottom and not on the fans using your canned air. REMEMBER, you really dont want to touch anything you shouldnt as capacitors can hold a charge and you risk being shocked. (In this pic the fan to the left doesnt look so bad, its because I cleaned it off some first before taking the pic.)

Inside Cleaning:

Just another pic showing the dust before cleaned off.

Fan Cleaning:

Clean off your fan with canned air and use the Q-tip to get the dust off the inner portion of the fan blades.

Fan Cleaning:

Now its time to clean the fan that cools your lamp so it doesnt overheat. Man, It's dusty! Dont use your canned air yet until you read the 2nd to last step!

Tray Removal:

As you can see by this pic there are two gold screws. Remove the screws and slowly slide the tray out. You wont have much room to work with so you will need a small screwdriver and a flashlight really helped me. Now that you have done this you have better access to clean the surrounding area.

Tray Cleaning:

Go ahead and clean off all the dust on they tray with a cloth.

Fan Cleaning:

Depending on your TV, your fan may sit right behind where your lamp slides in. (Mine does) In this case, its important to know that once you pull your lamp out that whole section is now open and exposed. So you dont want to just go all crazy with the canned air as it will blow the dust into this section and then on your lens where the lamp projects upon!!!

Here's what I did ... Cut out a peice of cardboard that is of good size that it will fit up against that lens area without touching it blocking off any and all dust that will fly into this area when using the canned air. Now that you have done that, go ahead and use your canned air and fire away on that fan and get that area cleaned out. Also, you will need to use your Q-tip again to clean the inner part of the fan blades.

The big black thing above the fan is a vent, clean that out as well.

The wire to the right of that goes to a trigger that the lamp hatch door presses up against to tell your TV its safe to allow for the lamp to turn on. So be careful as to not hit that trigger back otherwise you will be scratching your head as to why your TV wont work.

All Done!

Now just screw it all back together, but dont forget to put your tray back on above the lamp fan before doing so!!!

When putting the shell back on, this time the lamp side will go first so the plastic part will fit in before putting in the other side next.

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