How to fix your PS3 controller R2 and L2

Ok so this weekend I realized that my R2 was was dangling and pressing the actual button without me doing it. So I found out that the controllers have a tensions spring located on the R2 and L2 and it's pretty difficult to get a hold of some of those springs.

However, I managed to fixed it earlier today and here's how to do it!

Things you need:
Wire cutters
1 Floppy disk
Lots of patience

Ok it's not difficult to take the controller apart; it took me no longer than 5 minutes to do so.

So begin removing the screws from each hole. Once you are done removing the screws, to remove the top make sure to press right under analog sticks to unlock it.

This is what it will look like once you remove part of the case. If the battery's holder falls of, it's ok you place it back on it's spot before closing the controller no big deal.

On the case that you just remove make sure the reset button extension is still there, depending on your controller model it may fall off once you open it. Make sure you don't lose it! otherwise you may not be able to reset your remote!

Notice the separator in between L1 and L2 button. Well remove it, this piece can be easily removed by sliding it out.

Now remove the metal pin on L2 by pushing it from either side, should come off easily. DO NOT LOSE IT!!!

Once you remove the pin then the trigger button comes off and you'll see the tension spring fall off. Also, be really careful with the button mat, it's usually a soft green piece of plastic under the buttons.

This is why we needed the floppy disk! :) remove the metal slide door on top of the floppy disk and remove the tension spring. The spring should be the same size as the PS3 controller's. You will need some type of wire cutters or something to cut the spring's legs to to make it fit. You only need one.

If you look closely on this picture I placed the spring against the inside right edge of the trigger while the other leg will be pushed against the controller, I will post another picture to illustrate this. The metal pin has to be placed last since you have to align it with holder piece on the remote. You'll know what I mean if you ever do this. This is the hardest part of the whole thing.

See I put it back together :) The trigger no long looks like its hanging!

Notice right next to the green button mat, that's where the other spring leg should end up in. One leg inside the trigger the other pushing off the platform where the triggers go. This is the hardest part since you have to hold the trigger and the spring pushing down while trying to place the pin through its spot.

Once you have it done just simply put the top of the controller in it's place and make sure it locks, sometimes you must move the battery holder around and it closes without a problem.

Place the screws back in it's spot and it should work. If your L1 and R1 are pressed down, grab a small flat head screwdriver and push button inwards and out to take out the buttons. You'll notice that they are meant to do that. When you take them out the button mat falls in to place and when you place the button back it will be ready to use.

Let me know if you have any questions, I spent a long time getting the damn controller fixed because I couldn't find the spring, but now you guys can get some floppies at Walmart dirt cheap.