Hugo 3D (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]


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Jan 4, 2012
Release: August 10, 2015
Purchase: Zavvi
Price: £15.99



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Well I thoroughly enjoyed this film! The price isn't too bad, but I'm not particularly sure about spending money on something without being certain of the finished product. Suddenly £16 for a matte streaky low res mess would seem expensive.
Strange, it just went live.

Maybe we underestimated this and it's actually more popular than Plains Zero Dark Thirty!!! :D

I doubt it sold out
Its more likely its a glitch it went live to early or maybe they have a special Zbox lined up :rofl:

It will be back in stock
They seam to have some technical problems with the site at the moment with a few areas
hmmm loved this film and £15.99 for a 3d +2d not bad pre-ordered for now but would like some more info on finish tbh.

basil :thumbs:
But when the regular amaray (which also on contains 2D and 3D as it all on the same disk) is £6 and has been for a long time, the steel should be £9.99 tops. Too many catalogue titles being released at new release prices for my liking.
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