Hunter Killer (Blu-ray SteelBook) (I,ve Entertainment) (KimchiDVD Exclusive #76) [Korea]

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Feb 21, 2017
Release date: August 29, 2019 - March 18, 2021 (Quarter Slip)
Purchase links: One Click - Full Slip A1 - Full Slip A2 - Lenti (Pre-order August 8) - Quarter Slip (Pre-order March 9, at 2 PM - Korea time)
Price: $122 (One Click) - $38 (Individual Editions)
Group Buys
Full slip A1 Type : 390 copies (No. 181~390)
Full slip A2 Type : 250 copies (No. 181~250)
Lenticular Full slip B Type : 620 copies (No. 181~800)
One Click Box : 180 copies (No. 1~180 : It will be made with the same Numbered Cards)

67170315_2604755683084966_101855248208887808_o.jpg 67246295_2604755699751631_7934085247585484800_o.jpg 67274688_2604755703084964_5939854210324496384_o.jpg 67380361_2604755893084945_6167313921679032320_o.jpg

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Jun 4, 2013
The Moon
Never heard of it. Had to look it up and more shocked to find out michael Nyqvist passed away in June 2017!! Did not know that!


I'd buy that for a dollar...
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Feb 18, 2016
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This is up (down?) there with HDzeta doing Geostorm...If we're going to do premium Gerard Butler then at least treat us to 300, Rocknrolla or Olympus Has Fallen :LOL: (hell I'd even take Reign of Fire over this :rofl:)
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Jul 20, 2016
For which one?
I think you'd agree that on the BB, the black bar at the top gives away the fact that it is probably the top of a standard backside J card.

Most likely. Steelbooks don't come with slips in North America so that would be the J-card. Great looking steelbook.
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