I finally found it! My “holy grail”!


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Aug 6, 2010
The fine folks at /r/steelbooks have a good idea that I think could work well here.

Share a picture or pictures of your most recent “grail” discovery.

A “GRAIL” is an edition that might have taken you a while to find, has a good story about how you found it, or is important to you in some way. Grail does NOT indicate value. A $5 find at a thrift store could be a grail to you!

1) where you found it (RETAILER, MARKETPLACE, THRIFT STORE, etc)
2) who produced the edition (if it's a premium or retailer exclusive, please note to help other members! Filmarena, Reel Synergy, BluFans, Zavvi Exclusive, etc)
3) your own picture
4) share your story, if you can!
5) (optional) if you traded for it, what was the trade or how much you might have purchased it for.

To kick off this thread and to keep it going, there will be at least one giveaway, maybe more if there’s enough participation!

The more grails you post in single / individual posts, the better chances become!

Prize list:

1 winners of 4k Blu-ray COMPLETE Indiana Jones set
2 winners of 4k Blu-ray Godfather Trilogy set
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Hi all
my favourite edition I have is the old band of brothers Korean set
I think I payed around £100 for it around 16 years ago
any idea on value as when looking on all the normal outlets there is no trace of one being sold
thanks horrible

@horrible is our first winner, 3 4k Godfather Trilogy steelbooks

Please contact me to claim your prizes!
And the absolute king of Blu Collection grails.
Was late to this one but managed to get it from a Ninja here years and years ago. It’s been so long I genuinely can’t remember who it was (sorry).

Incredible use of transitional lenti too. One of the best and my favourites along with mantas fight club DL and the blufans zootopia single lenti. Also love the use of the extras being items from film. You don’t see much of that with steel premiums except with the EB releases and of course the reel synergy releases

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@Flloydo is our second winner of 3x 4k Godfather steelbooks. Please contact me to claim your prize!
I got this Ginger Snaps Trilogy leatherbound mediabook set (by NSM Records) on ebay.
This was my first bluray I spend over 100 euros on, this was in 2019 before I joined HDN I paid €179,90 for this set !
I do regret not picking up the other mediabooks but this one remains the grail to have if you're a fan of Ginger Snaps.
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Our final winner, @Billy Talent gets the 5x Indiana Jones steelbooks in 4k. Please contact me to claim your prize
im so sad @hatredhorror didnt win :(
dont give up m8... you will buy a great item and show us the pure definition of a holy grail next year... i know it :thumbs:

I don't even own indiana jones on bluray, and now I'm getting the entire collection on 4k Steelbooks :scat:
Thank you for the giveaway @apsmith21 and congrats to @Flloydo and @horrible
Also a big thanks to everyone who posted, I saw some really cool editions that I will be adding to my collection! :thanks:
Glad you won those, then, a really nice prize!

I have the Godfather steels, and don't need the new Indy ones, happy with the older Zavvi steelbooks, so would've passed them on to someone anyway.
Just like to use the opportunity to off-top in such threads. :shy: