I want to know how to make this Beer

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Sep 10, 2014
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It makes sense that you could swap out the gas you are using to make the beer...but I thought certain gasses dissipated more quickly than others... I am just not sure the beer could sit there and not have the Helium escaping.
However - I am not a scientist (though I play one in my own head)...:D
I deal with lots of gasses at work and we also have a Lab ... tho im no lab rat. :p We use nitrogen all the time since its an inert safe gas (besides the pressure of course) Helium is also crazy expensive now and their is a huge shortage if you aren't already an established customer account. Hard to just start getting a lot ... which is what the brew would need ... (mass retail) and then of course there is the facts Ricker stated ... haha


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Apr 28, 2009
hahahaha it's a funny video but yeah, no.

It would be pretty amazing though if guinness gave you the giggles off the nitro, though. Or at least let you see that cool spencer's poster