If you were stranded on an island ...

and could only take one blu-ray with you which would you take and why?

Boxsets are excluded from choosing.

This is ofcourse in the idea that you had an hdtv and blu-ray player on that island to play it ;):p oh yeah, and electricity :p
I Am Legend.........just seems right.

it does.

The matrix trilogy! I love the films, best sci-fi films in a while :)


I think this questions is when having TONS of special features on a disc come into play, esp games and such ;)

Or long movies, since u get more out of it ... Lonesome Dove lol -8 hours.

I think a film thats motivating would be good baring the situation ;)

Maybe Iron Man.... I really gotta think about this.


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Mar 2, 2009
EEK! you guys are crazy! i would want a movie with some :boobies: in it! i dont know, Beerfest has some, but i would want something to keep me mind off being stranded on an island alone.