If you...

Could have 5 props, no matter the price ... what would they be ? This is in the thought that you also already have a dedicated home theater room :)

Corona Vending Machine :D
V for Vendetta lifesize / Joker / Ironman
Scarface AK plaque or something
A Corona Vending machine lol
A life replica of the Iron Man Mark 3 suit
I always talk about a tumbler here at work lol and how awesome it would be to just cut people off and if they piss you off just run over them!!
My own Modelo brewing facility! lol I won't need a damn dispenser I can just go and get drunk at the plant!!
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Jan 28, 2009
Real life replica of the .50 cal in shooter
Real life replica of Dirty Harry's .357
The sword from Kill Bill
The sword from Conan The Barbarian
The ice pick from Basic Instinct
1.Red Bull vending machine
2.A sex robot that can change it's look to any one like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry in their prime :) (or a real version of that blue chick from X-Men)
3.A machine that prints legal US money
4. The Tumbler from The Dark Knight
5. Weed that is impossible to detect
Jan 27, 2009
1. Red Bull Vending Machine (Had to Copy it)
2. A stripped .50 cal like the one in Shooter.
3. A chalice like the Grail off the third Indiana Jones movie
4. Framed Copy of the Sports Almanac from Back to the future part 2
5. The Born to Kill Helmet from Full metal Jacket
Jan 30, 2009
1.2 Lifesize replicas of a stormtrooper outfit
2.A lifesize replica of darth vaders outfit
3.Coca Cola Vending Machine (only because i have stop drinking alcahol)
4.Popcorn Machine
5.casino royale poker table
Mar 12, 2009
1.James bond 007 movie prop pp9 pistol
2.Rambo's machine gun 1 & 2
3.Scarface machine gun in glassed in case with plaque (seen it on mtv cribs with one of the rap,nba stars,not sure)
4.the bow and exploding arrow from Rambo
5.replica blade from pirates of the Caribbean