In Memoriam


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Feb 28, 2011
Members obviously come and go from the forums for one reason or another, and sometimes we're not aware why, but we always hope they're still out there living their best lives.

Unfortunately, the news that a particular member having passed can eventually make its way to us years after they were last active, which obviously isn't something we like to hear :(

Andy came up with the brilliant idea to add such members to a new 'In Memoriam' group. So, if you're aware of any HDN members that have passed, then please feel free to mention them here.

RIP to all our fallen Ninjas and thank you for your contributions.

@Marina Blue
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Aug 6, 2010
Thanks to @Noodles for creating this thread.

Any member that passed with now have a special banner in their profile as well as the years they were active.

Hopefully this will help any new members identify why they will not receive a response from that member.



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Jun 17, 2015
Great idea to create this thread and acknowledge those who have sadly passed here at HDN. I actually recently contacted @Noodles to ask him if he knew when DJHilalo had last been online, as I happened to stumble across one of his old posts and it got me thinking about him. Last time we spoke was back in 2018 as I had dealt with him a number of times before, always a fantastic/down to earth guy to deal with. It was then when he told me he'd recently been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer yet somehow still managed to remain upbeat in his conversation even with that tragic news looming over him. He also mentioned he'd cut down on collecting at that point and was thinking of stopping altogether but it was just one of those things that helped keep him going - his love for watching movies and physical media. I still have to this day each steelbook I purchased from him including this awesome trio of Kimchi's below :drool: Took a quick snap to help reminisce :shy:


Pretty cool # too, 999/1300

Not pictured I also have him to thank for my IM1/2 steels, too. I'd started to collect after those were released and at the time prices for sealed/mint copies were through the roof, but he still helped me out with fair/reasonable prices and always packed with the upmost care. A true Ninja indeed :notworthy: One thing in particular that sticks with me about him was he was always one to speak of all his "Grails" haha :cool::cigar: and he had them alright (when he wasn't selling them anyway!). Good times.

RIP @DJHilalo, and to each and every one else mentioned in this thread :(