Inception (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Ultimate Collector's Edition) [UK]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: September 16, 2024
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Price: £39.99

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All Artwork Subject To Change

Features In-Pack

  • Steelbook
  • Rigid Slipcase
  • Poster
  • Postcards
  • Character Bookmarks
On-Disc Special Features


  • The Inception of Inception – Christopher Nolan Shapes His Unusual Concepts for the Movie
  • The Japanese Castle: The Dream Is Collapsing – Creating and Destroying the Castle Sets
  • Constructing Paradoxical Architecture – Designing the Staircase to Nowhere
  • The Freight Train – Constructing the Street-Faring Express Train
  • And More
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