Interstellar (4K Blu-ray SteelBook) (OAB #70 - Blufans) [China]

Just wish they were doing Blufans Exclusive for this amazing movie. This way steelbook will be meh. Oh well, I might just get this one anyway, to go along with Manta Lab as I’m a huge fan.
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This one is very tempting, although the fact that it is only GB makes it difficult to buy it.
It seems like a good time to stop collecting steelbooks (I'm at 400), there are so many new releases that it's starting to be difficult to keep up (in financial terms).

P.s. I said the same thing when I reached 100, 200 and 300. I'll repeat it again at 500 steelbooks...
I really hope I can get this as it’s my favorite film and will be my first Blufans
Keep in mind it'll be very expensive (even by blufans standards) and only have an economy steelbook, which will be available elsewhere in the world. It's not particularly a testament to how good blufans releases can be, and tbh, you'd be better off hunting down a manta lab or hdzeta slip instead.
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I have the manta one click, eventually planning to get the double lenti separately and I’d love to find the hdzeta one click someday but never see it for sale. I love this movie, it’s a blind buy for me regardless