Interview with Turbine Medien CEO Phil Friedrichs [Germany]

Jun 8, 2020
Hi you guys,

I hope that I created the new topic in the right place.

Being a film fan, working as a journalist and what´s more living around the corner of Turbine Medien Germany´s office here in Münster,
I decided to do an interview with CEO Phil Friederichs.

We met at his office and talked for more than four hours straight about absolute everything!
It was such a relaxed atmosphere and we had good laughs throughout.

Because I know that there is a huge fanbase of Turbine Medien in and outside of Europe, I decided to provide my article with an English version available.

In addition to that, Phil allowed me to share a short audio recording from our conversation where he reveals some of the upcoming titles besides the ones he mentions in the interview.

It was really interesting to hear what it was like to work with Peter Jackson, John Landis, Bob Gale.

I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I did doing it.

Interview Hollywood made in Münster! | ALLES MÜNSTER

Phil Turbine IMG_7365 (1).jpg

Audio recording (enable translation on Youtube)

I like this company, already ordered their P2, Cube 3, and Possessor mediabooks.
Eagerly awaiting more from them, but not really interested in The Last Emperor.
Maybe will check out Born on the Fourth already, as I've never seen it.
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