Invisible or See-through TV from Panasonic


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thats bad ass! @ash333

they lost me at the it can move up or down.... so is it a projection that is there serving as like a TV or what ... otherwise how would you be moving a physical object down by just motioning.
It does look cool! I think it's basically a TV that can move up and down to get the best viewing angles. I'm guessing maybe that means you need to have a specialised shelving unit that enables it to move up and down.


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I happened to see this one in person and it is actually a translucent display. Quite impressive I will say but it is not totally see through yet when the display is off hence the under shelf lighting is needed to accentuate the objects behind the screen. Moving the display up and down is, in my opinion, a marketing ploy to show the "portability" of the display. But it has limited practical uses for now until they can improve the see through and lower the cost of making > 100" displays.