Choi Chungkwon

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Jan 28, 2013
South Korea
Release Date: 4th of September, 2013
Format: 3D+2D
Notes: National release (Not Kimchidvd exclusive)
Total Print run is 3K
Slip color will be same as steelbook only (No Iron Man Mark 42 image on the slip)
Current MSRP: 43.99$ (Retail price)

Purchase Links:
KimchiDVD - 43.99$ OOS
K-steelbook - 39.99$, 42.99$ OOS
K2DVD (Order restriction 1 account per 1 steel) - 46.99$ OOS
Yes-Asia - 53.99$ OOS


[Important Note]
Front Reversed Edition from k2dvd, k-steelbook & yesasia [Type A]
Correct Front Edition only from Kimchidvd under official Disney support [Type B] less than 100 copies *Actual pic updated*

Actual pics:
Here is Actual shot for IM3 KR
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If Korean steel gets awesome artwork then I may go for this to go in my collection. I hoping every country gets unique artwork so we can all choose which one we prefer. I like the artwork more than current German one.
Yeah that defintely won't be the final coverart. Now we just need Choi to provide exactly when this will go on sale. My guess is this won't be too limited since it's a popular movie.