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Preliminary Release Date: 28th August 2013
Price: 279 kr
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Notes: 1 Disc

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Did anyone grab this sweedish version, and confirm if it has 3d?

A member posted a picture (said it was Scandinavian) and it has 3D on the slip. Is that a different release?

Edit: Slip doesn't match the one pictured above so I guess it must not be the Swedish one. Never mind :emb:
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I think this would have been an awesome design if they had embossed and laser cut the cover so that the arc reactor was actually printed on the disc and it showed through the holes and was visible behind the inner clear plastic of the Stealbook.
Someone correct me please if I'm wrong but the Finland, Norway and Swedish versions are all 100% identical down to the slip, etc.. Correct??

I don't have the Swedish & Finnish one, but I'm 99% certain it's identical down to the slip. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. :)