Iron Man (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Future Shop Exclusive) [Canada]

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Mar 12, 2009
Release date: September 30, 2008
Original release price: 29.99$
Notes: 2 discs


Video: 1080p High Definition 16x9
Audio: 5.1 TrueHD Dolby – English
5.1 Dolby Digital – French
5.1 Dolby Digital - Spanish

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Special Features:
Hall of Armour
The Invincible Iron Man
Deleted/Extended Scenes
BD Live
I Am Iron Man
Visual Effects
Robert Downey Jr. Screen Test
Theatrical Trailers
Iron Man IQ
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I would just go ahead and open it now then ... they actually sell some really cheap poly sleeves that alot of collectors put their steels in that keeps the cases from scratching one another when on a shelf.

You musta paid a pretty penny for this steel if you just got it, I assume ebay?

Sealed copies usually sell for around $75.

Im going to be ordering some poly sleeves soon enough, I think the amount is way more than I will need ... I'll hook u up with some when I recieve mine. Just paypal me the shipping price when I let you know ... prolly in a week or 2.

Prolly be like 5 bucks.
Mar 12, 2009
Yea!,wreck,thanks for looking out man,yeah I've saw the site where you order them in bulk size like 1000,500,100....plenty enough

i got a question,do you think it lose some value if i open it when it's sealed?,Just a Question..

I do see some people open theirs and others keeping them sealed,the choice is hard since i got the original release in plastic blue cases.
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Grampie Blu-Clan
Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
the one i bought for myself, and later traded to someone, had the same problem but it wasn't a problem with the packaging. When i opened it I noticed it simply wasn't set in the tabs.
I like the one he recommended.

Sealed is worth more just cause its easier to sale when you can say "Still sealed"

Alot of guys will open them in the sense that after they watch they put in these poly sleeves. I'll open my bond ones as I watch those movies, but I wont be opening my Dark Knight since I already own a DK copy on blu. I also prolly wont open ones I feel will be worth a whole lot because of maybe OOP reasons or Media Markt exclusives. Just incase I ever want to sale, but If I really wanna watch the movie and if the region is A , then I'll watch it and poly sleeve it.
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ah yeah... just saw. It'll go way over that price. Check out the Buy It Now auction with the tiny size pen point dent. Perhaps you can buy it and tell the shipper that once in your hand if you dont like you can return for refund and cover all shipping costs. May be worth it for $159.
I dunno, probably at least $25 more.

Thing is, keep in mind ... there could always be that the one with the tiny ding could be more mint than the other auction. Some peeps dont list those very tiny details or inspect them that closely. No idea really. I've had a few Iron Man's in my possession and I've noticed many of them (least that ive seen) are prone to a lil shaved metal exposing from the side view where they open and close. Course it could be absolutely perfect as well. I wouldnt pay that much for a sealed one unless your not gonna open it, so if you plan to open ... perhaps buying a good opened one.
Feb 2, 2010
Vancouver BC
I will plan to keep it sealed just like the hurt locker i just bought

So hopefully it doesnt go to much higher and the guy is in ontario and i am in ottawa so not to far to ship
Except your normal 2 right?
Right. One opened and one sealed.

If my memory served correctly, I had..

56x Iron Man
40x Indiana Jones
32x Star Wars: The Clone Wars
50x Wanted (UK)
46x Watchmen
30x Hancock
30x Crepusculo
100x The Dark Knight (FutureShop)
30x The Dark Knight (Germany)

I'm not sure if I had 100x TDK or maybe less :p

John Rambo (Original) was my very first group buy but decided to cancel it due to region locked.
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Wow yeah thats crazy. I think the days of steels coming out that can garner that much attention/value as some on that list are over. Many countries release hit movies these days, only the somewhat popular obscure titles will seem to stand a chance if exclusive. imo.