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Apr 22, 2011
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[Blu-Ray] Iron Man Steelbook Plain Edition (Excluded the Numbering Card and All Gift)
Release Date: December 6, 2014
Price: US$ 42.99
Purchase Link:

Plain Edition except the Numbering Card and all Gift. (270 copies)
Order Limit Qty - 3 copies per order

Capture - IM Korea.PNG
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Oh NO! Snooloui is right, the word 'Exclusive' doesn't mean anything anymore.
But great for those who missed out on the kimchi
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That's not a surprise in my opinion. There were already regular editions from Rush, Thor, Frozen, Her etc. without any numbering and gifts.
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Well only 270 copies, so I think the Kimchi value for this IM will stay steady... I also noticed an increase in the number of IM FS put up for sale. I was able to pick up the German IM (new) for a decent price of around $90 shipped and I've seen a couple more on the bay... looks like I'll have a complete IM collection very soon.
I'm actually quite happy that this has a non exclusive release, it means I can keep my exclusives sealed and use this one to open and watch.
Also because this is only 270 copies it has it's own exclusivity.
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I'm happy to get this one, and happy to get the lenti and the earlier 1/4 slip with the extras. It was nice to get this beautiful release without the bloodbath. :)