Is the the most Epic Ninja Week or what?


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Jan 17, 2014
Yep , First year on the scene for me and its been AMAZING to say the least , I'm finding it hard to remember what i have entered .

But its absolutely brilliant to be able to come on here as a brand new member and be able to enter just like everybody else .

HDN certainly has my vote , Good on ya guys

Cool welcome to this geeky paradise :)

Did you browse the site a lot before you joined? :)


Feb 20, 2016
I do also think it's great that most people can enter any of the giveaways. But I think it's also amazing someone so new (as yourself) is already wanting to giveaway some awesome prizes in your giveaways to everyone here :thumbs:

There seems to be some much generosity on this place that for me it would be rude not to , I'm entering all these prizes that i see it only fair to offer something back to this great community .


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Nov 21, 2013
@Ricker it's only my third Ninja Week, but the generosity and sheer number of giveaways seems like no contest for the biggest Ninja Week ever. I'm amazed how much David and Neil have done (in addition to everything they and all the other mods do for this community year round).