Issues with conecting my soundbar to tv :cry::cry::cry:

Apr 18, 2015
Hi All,

After much research I brought a Phillips Soundbar, HTL5140b, from what i read around this was one of the best ones out there for my budget.

I've got it home and tried to connect it to my tv via the hdmi, when its connected the sound comes through but the image only comes on for 2 sec at a time and has a purple/pink hue through it, its almost like theres not enough info being taken through the cables.

So i've gone out and brought two new hmdi leads, and updated the software and it still has the same problem.

There is no issues when i'm conecting my bluray or skybox direct to the tv via the hdmi,

TV is about 7 years old, 32' Samsung LE32R7 (yes, i'm due for a upgrade :) )

I guess i can connect it via the optical, but I will be updating my TV to a 48" 3D in a month or two so I would really want to connect it via the hdmi.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Try it with optical to just see if that works....

try a diff HDMI cord ... try a diff HDMI port on tv .... does it require a certain type of HDMI .. ie. 1.2 or 1.3 etc... cant recall the exact 1.x etc but maybe you got wrong cord in that regard.