[IT] trade of gorgeous steelbooks!


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Jul 21, 2015
Milan, Italy
Hello :)

I have these titles to trade:

-- "Her" full slip (kimchiDVD, sealed & mint); GONE!
-- "Drive" full slip (NovaMedia, sealed & mint); GONE!
-- "The Gran Budapest Hotel" lenticular slip (kimchiDVD, sealed & mint); GONE!

-- "Memento" lenticular slip (kimchiDVD, sealed & mint);
-- "The Pianist" lenticular slip (kimchiDVD, sealed & mint);

Here's my eBay feedback page. I obviously can provide photos if requested.

Any of those releases above can be part of a trade with what I'm looking for at the moment:

-- "Whiplash" kimchiDVD full slip & lenticular slip; FOUND!
-- "Memento" kimchiDVD full slip;
-- "Nightcrawler" NovaMedia full slip;

These should be sealed and mint.
Thanks to anyone who will help me :)
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