Italian Job - 50th Anniversary (Blu-ray+DVD Deluxe Edition) [UK]


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The Italian Job – 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

‘This is the Self-Preservation Society!’

Celebrate 50 years of iconic cult classic The Italian Job with the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition box set.

Presented in a deluxe black and gold rigid gift box, this product includes:

  • The Italian Job on both DVD and Blu-ray
  • Exclusive landscape collector's booklet with a new bespoke 50th Anniversary text written by Matthew Field, the leading authority on The Italian Job, and behind-the-scenes photos
  • Individually-numbered collector's certificate
  • Complete script
  • Customisable replica 1960s driving licence
  • 50th Anniversary A3 poster
  • 6 artcards with vintage and international film poster art

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Disc 1 - Blu-ray (Film + Extras)
Disc 2 - DVD (Film)
Disc 3 - DVD (Extras)
Jan 3, 2016
Just Love this Movie Has this been remastered?
I was just wondering the same thing. I don't own this on Blu-Ray, have been waiting for a newly remastered version to come!

Original Blu-Ray release was about 10 years back I think.

One of my all-time favourites, and for my money still the best movie car chase ever!
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Jan 3, 2016
Three discs in the set, looking at the photograph. One is a "DVD Special Features" disc. I would hope the same extras are also on the Blu-Ray disc. Is anyone able to confirm?

{Edit} Scratch that I just saw at the top there the Blu-Ray disc has film + extras...


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Collector's Anniversary Box sets are such a pain. Where do you put them?!!!
Yeah, they're not ideal. I usually line them up along the top of my units, but I've pretty much run out of space up there now. Plus, another annoying problem I've sometimes run into with these sets... the bottom side isn't always perfectly flat, so they can easily topple over. Had that issue with the Kick-Ass edition, which I eventually just decided to get rid of because I had no way to display it otherwise.


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Received mine today... nice sturdy set. A little disappointed the special features are a DVD though.
Blu-ray should also has the special features as it's same as previous 40th anniversary Blu-ray
1 Disc
Blu-ray Film and Extras

DVD 40th anniversary release was 2 discs
Disc 1 Film
Disc 2 extras

Same extras on DVD and Blu-ray

I gather you did not play the Blu-ray Disc :rofl:
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