I've received my #BESTWEEK EVER Ninja Week Prize [See all winners in 2016 Archive forum]

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As @smabu has received his that I sent him already and I'm planning on sending more out today think it's time to start this thread :thumbs:

Here's @smabu post from the winning thread:

Received, they look awesome, will take some better pics once I've got the time! Thanks again @zesty !!

Scary Hair

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Pretty sure you will not be getting anything at all from that member.

A couple of mods suspect that member might be @Cobster, so it was likely just a scam.


Oh well... At least I've won other cool stuff this ninja week. :D Thanks @apsmith21 And thanks for the help @Scary Hair. :)

A real shame trying to spoil things for everyone @apsmith21 :( .

Well at least like you said Lomadu you have other cool stuff . Great attitude to have flower :) :kiss:.


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@apsmith21 Thank you Andy! :cool: My final prizes have arrived and WOW! :OMG: I'm in love with them ALL! :drool:
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Especially with this beauty :hungry: :notworthy:
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I want to shine this HUGE spotlight on the one and ONLY @DADDYCOOL187! I can't believe you passed up your John Wick prize so I can have it instead :OMG:, THANK YOU my Ninja Bro! :cool:
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I knew how much you wanted it in your collection and as you are one kool ass ninja it was only right :cool:


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