IX Arts October 20-24, 2021


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IX 2021 • October 20-24, 2021
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts • Reading, PA
Covid-19 Vaccinations Required for All Attendees and Exhibitors
10/20 - Main Show 6-9 pm
10/21 - Main Show 10-5 pm
10/22 - Main Show 10-5 pm (Showcase 8pm-midnight)
10/23 - Main Show 10-5 pm (Showcase 8pm-midnight)
10/24 - Main Show 10-5 pm

Form the IX Arts Website:
The aim and hope in all programming at IX is that all who participate leave inspired, that discussions and other efforts begin, and that the effects of the experience help artists, students, and attendees grow in love and appreciation for the art in this discipline of the art of the fantastic —recognizing their own unique roles in keeping it alive and preserving it for the future.

The IX exhibition is split into two parts; the Main Show which is comprised of artists who are juried into the show and the Showcase. The Main Show featured over 80 artists and took up 4 floors of the Goggleworks building. Whereas the showcase, a free to attend event held over Friday and Saturday nights of the show, featured over 130 equally talented artists. While not juried the Showcase is arguably as popular as the Main show with tables selling out in under one minute for the past three years.